The Ordinary. App Campaign — App design, Social Media, 

The Ordinary app aims to make it easier for consumers to shop and navigate products in store. The Ordinary pride’s itself on simple ingredients and branding and while packaging includes useful information, it can be confusing and overwhelming for shoppers new to skincare and chemical names.

This app delivers essential inofrmation about any product in easily digestable portions while suggesting other products that would work well in a skincare routine.

Strategy: Create a friendly and approachable experience by helping consumers select and understand the products they are buying-while also suggesting other products. All while remaining true to The Ordinary’s tone of voice and simplistic style.

Users can open the app and select “Scan a new product” and take a photo of the box using the camera on their phone.

Information about the product is presented to the shopper such as price, instructions of application, and target areas the product aims to soothe. 

Along with the information a photo of the actual product is shown to ensure boxes remain unopened until purchased.

Users can also save items and browse the recommended section to build a skincare routine.

Promotional items stay true to the simple branding while showcasing the possibilties of the app or the brand.

The promotional video is inspired and uses copy created by Rebecca Black’s “Science for your skin” campaign. 

The app’s launch will be promoted in a campaign that includes instore and out of home ads across digital and printed mediums.

Kiosks could be found in stores that sell The Ordinary products such as Ulta, while digital banner adds could be found on YouTube above reccomended videos that would appeal to The Ordinary.’s existing target audience.