Sip Cocktails — Branding, Package Design

Sip Coctails is a fictional luxury beverage brand that sends packaged pre-mixed cocktails to the customer’s door. Each box contains two cocktails made with the best ingredients around the world, a handmade envelope with four postcards and one informational drink card that describes the flavor profile of each beverage.

Targeted towards adults (25-32 years old) who crave adventure and love creating unforgettable memories, Sip Cocktail focuses on the individual experience and aims to assimilate the joy of opening a personal present.


The Box

The sleek black extrerior of the box is decorated with the Sip logo on the top and our tagline, “We mix, you sip!” on the opening flap.

Upon opening the box, the consumer will find a white envelope, enclosed inside would be four post cards with original photography and one drink identification card.

An explosion of handcurled confetti rests within the box. Nestled in the confetti, and secured by a foam insert, are the two glass bottles of premixed cocktails.

The Bottles

These vinyl bottle labels were designed in Adobe Indesign, cut with a Cricut machine, and hand applied to each bottle. Each label presents the drink's name vertically for optimal legibility and features a polka-dot design to engage with the brand’s playful side.

Alcohol percentage, and liquid volume is presented on the back of the bottle.