Simpler Days — Publication Design

Simpler Days is a magazine that focuses on spreading the sustainable practices of the past for a contemporary audience. In the modern age of consumerism, it can be hard for the average buyer to identify what is and isn’t sustainable. The magazine features articles that cover innovative solutions for modern environmental issues while reflecting on previous practices in history such as mending clothes and the milkman.

In the modern age of consumerism, it can be hard to practice sustainable shopping due to marketing methods like greenwashing. Buyers put a level of trust into companies to put safe and reliable products on the shelves; however, corporations don’t always meet this expectation. Conscious consumerism is a purchasing practice where consumers make informed decisions about their purchases backed by the belief of research, knowledge, and positive impact— to the environment, society, or the economy. Throughout the magazine, readers can find tricks and tips that were used in previous years to cut down on energy consumption, carbon footprints, and trash production.