Rocket Collector’s Edition Album
Package Design

Rocket, Alex G’s seventh album, features fourteen tracks, some instramental, some lyrical, all nostalgic and self-reflective. The album illustrates a contemporary American narrative, capturing the experience of falling in love and burning out. The musical exploration and musical experimentation creates a dreamy blend of folk music and Americana.

This Collector’s Edition design includes a 12 inch album with a gate fold jacket, a 7 inch single jacket, a special edition poster for both the single and the album, and a promotional in-store poster.

Screenprinting processes and techniques were explored throughout this project as a means to elevate digital print designs with unique hand-crafted elements. Referencing the impact of human touch and interaction.

Titles on all posters and album jackets are screenprinted using an acrylic based ink and varnished with gloss medium. The inside of the 12in gatefold also features a screenprinted hairline-outline of the artist’s name, “Alex G”

This “Collector’s Edition” design focuses on conveying the dreamy yet dark undertones while staying true to the artist’s style and personal background. Capturing a sense of nostalgia through imagery, interest and emotion through color, and tone through typography.

All photos used in this project were taken by myself in 2017, when this album was originally released. The unity of these photographs and this album ultimately returns to the original inspiration of the passing of time.

The gatefold design is inspired by the emotions and reflections during a long drive in spring. Spring is considered the “rebirth” period of nature. As we mourn the passage of time, we are simultaneously celebrating the turning of a new season. Flowers are back in bloom, trees become leafy again, wild life reenters the world.

The 7” single presents the first track of “Rocket,” Poison Root with its own jacket. Lyrics to the enchanting song can be found on the back of the jacket. 

Following the theme of rebirth and spring, Poison Root creates an ominous atmosphere through rich dark colors and pops of yellow and green.