Good Grief — Book Design, Package Design, Print + Production

We are where we are,
how do we get to where we want to be? 

This project is proudly dedicated to my grandfather, Ted Peyton Swope.

Grief is a universal yet unique experience. Death is a part of life, and while everything in nature has a life cycle, death can be challenging to accept and process. The most common explanation of the grief process is presented in the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Good Grief interprets these steps as a non-linear process, veering from one stage to another to present a more realistic perspective of the five stages. This set intends to engage with those struggling with the weight of grief by providing accessible techniques to process those emotions without judgment.

Each box includes a poetry & collage book that functions as a visual depiction of one’s grief journey and a journal with prompts to help them process and communicate their grief through creative exercises.

All collage elements, including poems, are created by hand and scanned into digital formats. While chosing to do this step by hand was time consuming, it adds that special touch of detail. I chose fonts, colors, and subjects based on the “phase” of grief I was exteriencing within that spread.

The journal follows the same themeatic treatment as the poetry book, using collaged text and photos to match emotions expressed in the prompts.

This journal aims to assist the reader in navigating and documenting their experience with grief. Collaged prompts help readers start the process of reflecting while “Junk Pages” act as a language break and encorage readers to express emotions through creative practices.